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Oolong Tea

Roasted Iron Buddha Oolong Tea (Tieguanyin Tea)

Roasted Iron Buddha Oolong Tea (Tieguanyin Tea)

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Factory sealed for freshness, in-stock and starting at $2.30, this tea is available in 4 gram or 50 gram sizes (Item: O1-4 or Item: O2-4). For more details, please refer to the packaging size samples.

This tea has a fine, tightly rolled, dark green leaf, which makes a bright golden cup of tea. Roasted Iron Buddha oolong is very fragrant with a hint of lilac and gardenia with a "toasted" element. This oolong from the Anxi Province has a brisk, smooth, and mellow taste.

Oolong teas have a characteristic complex aroma and flavor. Due to its unique processing, these teas are truly a living art form.