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Pu-erh Tea

Special Aged Yunnan Pu-erh Tea (Shou Cha)

Special Aged Yunnan Pu-erh Tea (Shou Cha Tea)

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Factory sealed for freshness, in-stock and starting at $2.50, this tea is available in 4 gram or 50 gram sizes (Item: P1-1 or Item: P2-1). For more details, please refer to the packaging size samples.

This tea is grown, processed and aged in the birthplace of teas, the Yunnan Province. Pu-erhs are aged for years in humid conditions to produce the most complex tea ever developed by the Chinese. As it ages it develops an earthier aroma with an increasingly sweeter and full bodied taste. The Chinese believe this tea reduces cholesterol levels and headaches, decreases blood pressure, and assists in digestion. As noted in Kyoto Journal #71, pu-erhs are a "drinkable antique and very representative of Chinese heritage."