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Yellow Tea

Yellow Bud Yellow Tea (Huoshan Huangya Tea)

Yellow Bud Yellow Tea (Huoshan Huangya Tea)

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Factory sealed for freshness, in-stock and starting at $2.50, this tea is available in 4 gram or 50 gram sizes (Item: Y1-1 or Item: Y2-1). For more details, please refer to the packaging size samples.

The process for making yellow tea is both time consuming and difficult. Though first created in the 1600s, there are only three kinds of yellow tea that exist today from the Anhui Province. After plucking and withering, it is very lightly oxidized and then pan-fired. The leaves are then wrapped in paper or cloth, and stored in a wooden box. At intervals, the tea is pan-fired again and then re-wrapped to cool and oxidize further. This process continues for up to three days, and then roasted at the finish.