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Upcoming Events Involving Tea, Herbs And Other Fun!

Now schedule your own Asian Tea Tasting or create another tea event

Your 'Asian Tea Tasting' is a very special event at your home with your friends, guided by Paula Winchester, owner of  Paula Winchester Enterprises, LLC and Twelve Winds Tea Company. Your guests will have a taste bud, educational experience. Your guests will imbibe in a plethora of teas: white, green, yellow, black, oolong and pu-erh, as well as, a variety of herbal infusions. Your guests will discover peace in a bowl of tea and learn about the Way of Tea. It's an educational experience. The home host or hostess provides the appropriate simple, finger food pairings to heighten the tea tasting experience (yes, Paula has a list of tea and food pairings), the home and decorations, the appropriate dishes, flowers and most importantly - twelve very eager tea students.

Schedule Your Asian Tea Tasting with Paula Winchester, call 816.590.1720 or contact her at