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The Cup-Topper makes our quality tea infusion process foolproof. Using any high quality, loose-leaf tea and this Cup-Topper, you can re-infuse the same leaves 4 to 8 times. This item does not include the glass mug shown in the photo.

By following directions for the correct amount of tea, water temperature and steeping time, you can greatly extend the life of these tea leaves, and thus your cost per cup will greatly diminish.

Put your tea of choice and correct amount for infusing into the Cup-Topper. Pour in the correct temperature of heated water into the Cup-Topper. Let the tea leaves infuse the correct length of time. Watch as the tea leaves dance releasing their beautiful color, aroma and flavor.

When the tea is ready (that decision becomes a personal choice), set the Cup-Topper on top of your favorite teacup or mug. You might have to search your wares for the correct size. Once the Cup-Topper is put on top, your teacup will push upward on the bottom of the Cup-Topper, thus releasing the tea liquor down into your cup or mug (liquor is the technical term that tea tasters use to refer to the extract of the tea).

The tea leaves will remain, awaiting the next infusion. If the tea leaves sit in water (as oftentimes happens with a teapot), the tea leaves will be depleted of all that makes a great drink. The tea liquor becomes too strong or bitter. With each subsequent infusion, the infusion time should get shorter.

May you experience Peace in a Bowl of Tea...