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Fun Stuff

To Gift a Tea Lover's Feline

4 Cat - NIP Tea Bag

4 Cat - NIP "Tea Bag" Toy

Item: C1000-5
Price: $6.50

The 4 Cat - NIP "Tea Bag" is made of fabric from men's khaki pants of 100% cotton twill that was recycled for this special tea lover's catnip toy. We use all-natural, human grade quality catnip. This quality makes a thrilling difference in your cat's interest. Some cats like to roll over and use all four feet to play.

Your cat might lick and carry this toy about the house. Your cat might drool all over this toy. Your cat might shred this toy apart in its enthusiasm. We do NOT guarantee this toy's longevity due to your cat's "loving nature."

To Steep Your Tea



Item: FS604
Price: $20.00

The Cup-Topper makes our quality tea infusion process foolproof. Using Twelve Winds Tea Company´┐Żs high quality tea and this Cup-Topper, you can re-infuse the same leaves 4 to 8 times. This item does not include the glass mug shown in the photo.

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Cool Tea Infuser

"Cool" Tea Infuser

Item: FS607
Price: $20.00

Double-walled borosilicate glass. Includes infuser, lid and coaster.

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Chinese Traveling Kit Gaiwans

Chinese Traveling Kit Gaiwans - Very Limited Quantity

Paula purchased these while in the famous ceramic city of Chao Zhou of the Guangdong Province. These sets include the lid (gai), the bowl (wan), and tiny matching cups in a padded, brown fabric, zippered traveling case.

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Chatsford Mug Infuser (3 parts)

Chatsford Mug Infuser (3 parts)

Item: FS606
Price: $12.00

From the London Teapot Co. this very practical device is easy to use. There are 3 parts - the lid, the infuser, and the holder.

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Finum 100 Tea Filters/Extra Slim

Finum 100 Tea Filters/Extra Slim

Item: FS605
Price: $7.00

Made in Germany, these true-flavor filters of abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fiber are practical with no mess either at home or on the road. Each filter has an easy fill flap with an expanding base (gusset) to allow for the expansion of the loose leaf tea.

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To Preserve Your Tea

Tea Clips (6 Per Bag)

Tea Clips (6 Per Bag)

Item: FS603
Price: $6.50

When the 4 gram sampler foil bags or the 50 gram Best Buy pouches are opened, these clips perfectly fit across to form a tight seal. Includes one bag of six tea clips.

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To Give A Surprise

Our Special Embroidered Drawstring Gift Bag

Our Special Embroidered Drawstring Gift Bag

Paula designed the cotton, drawstring bags (4" wide x 7 ¼" high x 3" gusset) in three colors - cobalt blue, sunny yellow, and hot orange. These were designed to contain at least 6 of Twelve Winds Tea Company's 4 gram sampler packets.

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Book-like Tea Menu with 6 Windowed Tins

Book-like Tea Menu with 6 Windowed Tins

Item: FS601
Price: $25.00

For the connoisseur of teas, what a gift! This unique way/device displays your teas for a tea party or tea tasting. For this price, the tea menu does not come with any teas or the informational menu on the left side.

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