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OFF DUTY - your mask pouch

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OFF DUTY - your personal Mask Pouch. Have you found yourself stuffing your mask into a pocket or into your purse, and later go YUCK!  Why did I do that?  It's at the bottom of my purse with all those used tissues and chocolate wrappers.  Gross!  The Mask Pouch is NOW a place to bring your clean mask with you in preparation for every stop, and then replace afterwards for the trip home.  Once home you can remove to wash the mask and swab out the inside of the pouch. Embellished with fabric paint, deco foil, and a jaunty tassel with an amethyst heart.  Amethyst crystals eliminate brain fog and bring you tranquility and calmness.  Is this not the PERFECT pandemic crystal!?  This does NOT INCLUDE A MASK!