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Taiwanese Tea Pluckers Jigsaw Puzzle

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Taiwanese Tea Pluckers            
In the morning light on Mei Shan, professional Taiwanese tea ladies are plucking tea leaves on Mr. and Mrs. Hung-Chen Wang’s tea fields.  Their fields are near the little tea town of Rui-li in the famous Ali Shan District.  Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa, sits 100 miles off the Chinese coast – a tiny island 89 miles wide by 250 miles long.  Taiwan is just a mere 14-hour non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Taipei.  Taiwan is very famous for its aromatic, amazing oolong teas.  From Oct. 16-23, 2011, I immersed myself into my tea studies while travelling with Josephine Pan and Thomas Shu as a member of their Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour (TOST).  So much to know about tea production.  So much to appreciate about this beverage I drink. 

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Photo by Paula Winchester